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Rent a vehicle through our app and have it delivered to any place you choose.

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on COVID-19

We want to deliver the best service to our customers, so our vehicles are always delivered after rigorous cleaning and desinfecting process.

Renting a vehicle

Will never be the same

We provide you with the best vehicles and competitive costs through a digital solution so no matter where you are, just open the app, book your car and get ready to enjoy it!.

How to rent

Select the vehicle suited for your needs

Browse through our vehicle catalog and select one based on the selection of your closest city and a time range.

Choose a pick-up and a drop-off location

In order to rent a vehicle, you will need to provide a pick-up and a drop-off location for us to deliver and recover it.

Select a payment method and confirm

Check your rental cost breakdown and select your payment method, you can pay with a credit/debit card or with your collected swup! points.

*In order to rent a vehicle, the user will need to fulfill the registration process and activate their membership which may or may not have a fee.

Your vehicle

Delivered where you choose

Want a vehicle delivered at your front door, at your office or to be waiting for you at the airport? It doesn't matter where you want it, just select the prefered location during the rental process and have it delivered by our team.

Rent and earn

Earn points for future rentals

With every rent you make or every certain amount of points purchased a percentage of the amount is converted into swup points that you can use for your next rentals. Also you can buy points to pay with them instead of a credit card.

Some core functions


Become a member of swup and enjoy its benefits


Get swup points with your rental and use them in other rentals

Free delivery

Enjoy free delivery up to 20 miles from the closest branch location

Ready to get a vehicle delivered to your door with
unlimited mileage