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Vehicle: RAV4

Cost: $75 USD / Day

Renting a vehicle

Will never be the same

We provide you with the best vehicles and competitive costs through a digital solution so no matter where you are, just open the app, book your car and get ready to enjoy it!.

Your vehicle

Delivered where you choose

Need a vehicle in the near future? Just open the app, select the vehicle suited for your needs, choose a Pick-up and a Drop-off location, finish the process and it’s done. Get ready to enjoy your vehicle.

Rent and earn

Earn points for future rentals

With every rent you make or every certain amount of points purchased a percentage of the amount is converted into swup points that you can use for your next rentals. Also you can buy points to pay with them instead of a credit card.

Some core functions


Become a member of swup and enjoy its benefits


Get swup points with your rental and use them in other rentals

Free delivery

Enjoy free delivery up to 20 miles from the closest branch location

Ready to get a vehicle delivered to your door with
unlimited mileage