How it works

The future of vehicle rentals

Not just any rentals

We believe that the best way to rent a vehicle is to be able to do it without the hassle of going to a specific location and making every time the same process of registration, document signing and vehicle selection. By doing the registration process the first time, selecting a vehicle from wherever you are and get it delivered to any place you want, the process becomes an effortless way to have a vehicle when you need it.

swup! membership

Step 1

Get the app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2

Choose “Apply for a membership” and sign up by filling in your data.

Step 3

We will validate your data and send you a notification if you’re approved.

Step 4

Once you’re approved, just log in, go to the user section, select a subscription and start using swup!

Ready to get a vehicle delivered to your door with
unlimited mileage