How it works

The future of vehicle rentals

Not just any rentals

We believe that the best way to rent a vehicle is to be able to do it without the hassle of going to a specific location and making every time the same process of registration, document signing and vehicle selection. By doing the registration process the first time, selecting a vehicle from wherever you are and get it delivered to any place you want, the process becomes an effortless way to have a vehicle when you need it.

swup! membership

Step 1

Get the app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2

Choose “Apply for a membership” and sign up by filling in your data.

Step 3

We will validate your data and send you a notification if you’re approved.

Step 4

Once you’re approved, just log in, go to the user section, select a subscription and start using swup!

How to rent

Select the vehicle suited for your needs

Browse through our vehicle catalog and select one based on the selection of your closest city and a time range.

Choose a pick-up and a drop-off location

In order to rent a vehicle, you will need to provide a pick-up and a drop-off location for us to deliver and recover it.

Select a payment method and confirm

Check your rental cost breakdown and select your payment method, you can pay with a credit/debit card or with your collected swup! points.

*In order to rent a vehicle, the user will need to fulfill the registration process and activate their membership which may or may not have a fee.

Ready to get a vehicle delivered to your door with
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